Orthodontic treatment to correct teeth and jaws improper position. Other than someone appearance crooked teeth are harder to clean and a subject of being lost early due to tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Orthodontics treatment in our clinic done by our specialized Orthodontics using the latest treatment regimes including fixed braces, removable devices or even invisible treatment by Invisalign device.

Invisible Aligners

This technique is specially designed for people who want to straighten their teeth and have a beautiful smile without being embarrassed during treatment due to the appearance of metal clamps and the wire used in orthodontics during treatment, This technique allows patients today to treat and correct their teeth without changing their lifestyle and can have a beautiful smile.

Orthopedic surgery

An imbalance in the growth of a jaws causes aesthetic problems, such as the appearance or decline of a jaws, in this case, the condition of the patient is analyzed by taking measurements, making molds, using computer programs to analyze the jaw position, and then reaching the final diagnosis of the condition and planning to surgically adjust the jaw position and put the teeth in cooperation with orthodontists.